Ways to Mental Wellbeing Toolkit

Who is the toolkit for?

This toolkit is for people who want to promote and encourage participation in mental wellness activities in their own lives, with the clients and/or patients they deliver services too, colleagues they work with, or for the people living in their community.

The goal of the toolkit is:

To create a community where individuals experience and report overall positive mental wellbeing and life satisfaction.

The primary objectives of the toolkit are to:

  • Promote the importance of mental and wellbeing;
  • Facilitate positive conversations about mental health and wellbeing; and
  • Promote The Ways to Mental Wellbeing and how they can be incorporated into your practice;
  • Provide local opportunities to participate in the Ways to Mental Wellbeing;
  • Provide access to resources and activities that can be integrated into activities.

What does the toolkit include?

The toolkit covers everything from defining mental wellness to providing activity ideas, planning tools and promotional materials that you can choose from to create your very own campaign. You will find information, tools, resources and promotional materials to integrate mental wellness and the Ways to Mental Wellbeing into existing activities or to be used to develop new mental wellness activities.

How do I use the toolkit?

As the facilitator/coordinator, you can choose and plan activities to encourage people to start talking about mental wellness and to practice and integrate the Ways to Mental Wellbeing into their daily lives, ultimately improving their overall health.

There are five Ways to Mental Wellbeing which can be presented all together as a set or each way can be presented one at a time. It is not necessary to complete all the Ways to Mental Wellbeing at once as this may not be feasible for you and it may overwhelm participants. Involve participants in deciding which of the Ways to Mental Wellbeing they would like to try first. You may want to create a long-term plan to map out how and when you will cover each of the Ways to Mental Wellbeing over the course of a 10-week program, 6 months or one to two years. Go at your own pace. You can use the planning tools in the toolkit to map out your campaign.

Be sure to emphasize that the Ways to Mental Wellbeing provide a range of activities and options that participants can use to suit their individual needs when they are ready. What is important is that you start to have conversations about mental wellness and encourage a balanced approach to adopt mental wellness activities as a part of everyday life.

Take the time to hover over and click on the links below to become familiar with the toolkit content and the various tools, resources and promotional materials available to you. Then you can use the planning tools to develop your own Ways to Mental Wellness campaign.

We wish you success in your Ways to Mental Wellbeing journey!

Ways to Mental Wellbeing Toolkit

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