Keep Learning

Learning throughout life, into adulthood and later life, can have a positive effect on improving and maintaining mental health and wellbeing.

What is "Keep Learning?"

When we think about learning, we usually think about formal schooling, often for children that prepare them for their future. However, there are many ways to continue learning beyond formal schooling. Learning is about gaining new knowledge, developing new skills and refining old ones which are important for both personal and professional growth. Learning can take many shapes and forms and will look different for each person. As long as you focus on pursuing learning for your interests and gain satisfaction from doing so, it will enhance your wellbeing. Participating in the Ways to Mental Wellbeing is about learning what you can do to be more satisfied and fulfilled in your life and the very act of learning is part of that.

Benefits of Learning

Learning helps us to gain insight into life, ourselves, and the world around us. Lifelong learning has been associated with:

  • greater satisfaction and optimism,

  • improved ability to get the most from life,

  • strengthened social relationships,

  • increased self-confidence and self-esteem,

  • improved ability to cope with stress, and

  • a greater sense of purpose and positive feelings of achievement.

How to Keep Learning

It may be difficult to feel motivated to keep learning if we're told to learn or develop certain skills that we may not be interested in or value. But learning can be viewed as an opportunity to enrich our lives by challenging ourselves to try something different and experience something new. Learning can open us up to new possibilities. How we think about learning and what we say to ourselves about it, is important to making the experience positive for our wellbeing. To keep learning, try some of the simple suggestions and local opportunities.

Simple Suggestions
  • Try out a new recipe.

  • Rediscover an old interest (or find a new one) such as drawing, knitting, writing.

  • Keep up with local news.

  • Look up do-it-yourself projects.

  • Try a new sport.

  • Learn about the people and places around you.

  • Learn to play an instrument.

  • Visit a local public library and explore new books, magazines and events.

  • Reconnect with your roots - talk to your family about your heritage.

  • Volunteer for a new task at work.

  • Write out a “bucket list” of things you've always wanted to do.